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We design and develop websites, web-services and mobile applications of various complexity levels up to the highest one.

& Stack For Web

We prefer reliability: we use popular and well-established open source solutions supported by the Developer Community and sponsored by big companies.

We follow the trends: we monitor new tools, update our libraries in order to always keep the highest and latest standards of software development.



We use the latest features of the ECMAScript standard and good old browsers too.



We create quick one page and progressive web applications using modern React and Vue frameworks.


React JS

The core of our stacks is to enable the development of complex front-end applications with multiple user interfaces.


SSR & Next

To optimize the search and speed up page loading, we render applications on the server side using our own template with the necessary ecosystem around React and Next.js.


Static site generation

We create lightning-fast corporate websites and blogs thanks to Next.js as a Static Site Generator.



We build chats, bots and other server applications with Node.js.


Headless CMS

For blogs and corporate sites we use Strapi and Ghost as convenient tools for creating admin panels and forming REST APIs.


Code Quality Tools

We monitor the quality using static code analyzers such as ESLint, TSLint, Stylelint and Prettier. We maintain the architecture clean by integrating those analyzers into the CI / CD system.


Preprocessors and Styles

For interface design we implement modern SASS and Stylus preprocessors, and we also use JSS and we automate styling routine tasks using PostCSS.



We write integration and unit tests to ensure that the application works correctly throughout the entire development life cycle and we automate the process by implementing them into the CI / CD system.




We will promptly create complex and flexible websites and services with an extensible architecture on the popular PHP framework.


MySQL (MariaDB), PostgreSQL, MongoDB

We build a fault-tolerant architecture on high-performance and scalable databases. We guarantee your data will always be ready for issuance and processing, excluding any loss or system inaccessibility.



Your users will easily and quickly find all the information they need thanks to the powerful full-text search engine Elasticsearch.


Redis, Memcached

we provide minimal view delays including the view of complex-calculated content using data caching systems.



Is a message broker that will make all the pending tasks (alerts, data generation or post-processing).



With this language we realize high-performance services, we write real-time applications and chatbots. Golang allows us to successfully create a scalable microservice architecture that can withstand absolutely any load


Code Quality Tools

Auxiliary libraries with their static code analyzers are responsible for the code quality and its PSR standards compliance; they help to check the code for basic errors that affect logic and performance.



We cover service business logic with automated tests using testing frameworks such as PHPUnit and Codeception. It guarantees functional efficiency before the release.



We monitor system health with autotests and code quality control tools integrated into the DevOps process.



Is the main element in DevOps process that is responsible for running autotests, static code analyzers, containerization and deployment. Docker Swarm Orchestrator allows you to horizontally and vertically scale services, as well as monitor their health and provide detailed reporting on the operation of the entire system.


Mobile App

Native Mobile App Development For iOS & Android

We offer a full cycle of services necessary for the development of iOS and Android applications, from business analysis of your project idea to development, publication and support of an already published application.

App mobile interface


Development technologies

We support the code on Objective-C and Java, and we tend to use Swift and Kotlin for our new projects for iOS and Android respectively.

  • Swift And Kotlin

    They are modern open source programming languages. Their main features are safety, speed and readability of the code, which let you get a stable and clear code within a reasonable deadline.

  • Native Design

    At the design and development stages we rely on the platform-holder guidelines, using native UI frameworks and patterns in the interface.

  • Dependency Injection

    We use Swinject and Dagger, they help to create a modular app architecture and be able to make changes or extend the app functionality very quickly and with minimal effort.



  • PHP
  • AWS
  • Docker
  • Elasticsearch
  • Laravel
  • Next.js
  • Redis
  • Jest
  • SCSS


Online platform for communication between stylists and designers.

  • HTML5
  • ECMAScript


Corporate website. For one of the best event - agencies in Moscow, Brooke.

  • IOS
  • Mobile App

Bariatric App

Mobile application. For one of the actual directions in medicine.

  • E-Commerce
  • PHP

18 Carat

Internet store. For a network of stores, accessories and jewelry of a premium class.

Principles of Development


Our Team

We provide our clients with a well-coordinated team that can realize a project of any complexity. Usually these are 2-4 developers, a team leader, QA engineer and a project manager.


Project management

We use Agile methodology that helps us to organize and coordinate our work effectively with rapidly changing project requirements. We mix Scrum and Kanban in our projects. The whole development process is split into pre-agreed sprints which allows us to divide the tasks into smaller pieces and make the work flexible and transparent.



When we start developing first our team leader plans the architecture of the future application on the first sprint. He builds a solid system framework to avoid any app support issues in the future. It saves some customer costs.



While programming the project is deployed locally on each developer's computer and is supported by a version control system, making the development controlled and independent.


Code Review

For quality control we build code review into every pull request, then our team leader simply checks the application for meeting the business logic requirements as well as the code readability and architecture. When it is successful the code goes into the stable branch.



To make sure everything is correct, we test the application at every iteration, our tester checks all the possible functional errors and adds them into the report sending the app back to developers’ review.



Thanks to the configured CI / CD system, each developer commit to the repository is automatically tested, analyzed and, if possible, corrected immediately. When our senior developer finishes code review and sends it into the stable branch, the code will be automatically tested one more time and deployed to dev, stage or production servers using the configured Continuous Deployment system. We use Docker because it makes deployment faster and easier on any server. We also use the Docker Swarm clustering system to scale the projects by replicating and distributing the load on the system. We can assume based on our experience, that CI/CD system saves 10-20% of development time.


Documenting code

When the project is complete or at a certain stage of control sprint we write code documentation to let further developers generations save their time to deploy the project and support it.

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